Monday, April 27, 2009

Father/ Daughter Team Makes Memories

Team Net Champions Father/Daughter division, Kalyn and Bill Dodge from Irvine, California.

For the past six years Bill Dodge and his daughter Kalyn have participated in the Father/Daughter division of our golf tournament event at Pebble Beach. We had a chance to catch up with this team recently and found out why this tournament has been so special.

Dick Farley (DF): What made you choose this Father/Daughter event?

Bill: After Kalyn's second year in competitive golf, and having played a couple of scrambles we seemed to team up well. I wanted to play more golf with her at a competitive level and (wanted to play) some place special to reward her for all of her hard work. Your tournament was the perfect combination of all of the things I was looking for: 1) time with Kalyn, 2) Competition and 3) playing somewhere special like Pebble Beach.

Kalyn: For me, I wanted to play a tournament with my dad and the thought of playing Pebble (Beach) was hard to resist.

DF: What has this tournament meant to both of you?

Bill: It has meant more time together just having fun, laughing and talking. Making memories that will last a life time... We were already very close to begin with, this has brought us closer and given us something that we can do together for a very long time.... I can't imagine ever missing the Father/Daughter event.

Kalyn: It has meant so much to spend time with my dad.

DF: How important was the time spent together?

Bill: Since we have been coming for 6 years, the time spent has become more important as she has gotten older. Now that she is away at school during the year, and with short breaks and many friends to see when she comes home, this is the only true Father/Daughter (time) with no outside distractions that we have other than golf practice sessions. We have created so many memories that will last us a life time playing at the Father/Daughter tournament. We laugh, we grumble, we fight, we talk trash but most of all we have an absolute blast doing something we both love and will cherish forever. Thank you for keeping this tournament running, it has become an integral part of our lives.

Kalyn: The time we spent together has been unimaginable, irreplaceable, unforgettable. So many good times to count, (it's been) the best golf of my life.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

If you want to learn more about our Father/Son tournament coming up this July, click HERE.

Last year's Father/Son tournament in December was a great event! Below are some photos of last year's winners in each division.

Overall Team Gross Champions: David & Mark Gurgen, Andrews, TX with Greg Hopkins, President Cleveland Golf

Overall Team Net Champions: Todd & Terry Harman, Indio, CA

Team Net Champions Father Daughter Division: Kalyn & Bill Dodge from Irvine, CA

Team Gross Champions in Father Daughter Division: Maia & Mark Schechter, from Takoma Park, MD